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Transportation Management Systems

Tek-Data Solutions group can quickly and efficiently analyze requirements, design systems, and implement best of breed solutions that will unlock the value of your company’s transportation management requirements. While many organizations consider Transportation Management to be a necessary cost and component of doing business, our consultants recognize that a properly designed and implemented TMS can be a key driver in reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving supply chain functionality as a whole. Increased visibility and synchronization throughout your supply chain, when combined with a transparent and robust Transportation Management System, will allow you to optimize resource scheduling, inventory availability calculations, and operations planning, while reducing inventory carrying costs, increasing the amount and availability of actionable information throughout your fulfillment lifecycle, and facilitating on-boarding of new suppliers, carriers, trading partners, and other enterprise participants

Tek-Data Solutions’ team of experts can help you optimize, implement, and manage almost any TMS functionality, including:

  • Freight consolidation
  • Vehicle scheduling
  • Vehicle Routing
  • Carrier cost optimizations
  • Transportation mode and carrier selection
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Carrier brokering capabilities
  • Multi-pick and multi-drop functionality
  • Round trip and continuous move functionality
  • Rules-based, delivery-driven shipment planning
  • Standardized interface for onboarding of carriers

Through an established methodology of analysis, design and implementation we deliver measurable results in every process from carrier selection and rate negotiation to process improvement. Whether you work with multiple carriers, use 3PL, 2PL, or internal carriers, or a combination thereof, Tek-Data Solutions can help you implement the optimal solution. Our consultants serve both primary as well as niche TMS markets. Niche markets include for-hire motor freight, intermodal, parcel, rail, international trade & transport, ocean, and private fleet TMS implementations.