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Warehouse Management Systems

Tek-Data Solutions can help your organization develop and integrate warehouse systems that will reduce operational and shipping costs, increase overall customer satisfaction, and provide extensibility and agility throughout your business processes. We can create, build, and launch warehouse management application services that boost returns and streamline your business processes in all facets:

  • Sophisticated pick, pack, ship processes
  • Inventory Management and Visibility
  • Value adds including Made to order goods, Provided services, and delivery services
  • Inbound goods
  • Outbound goods

Our agile, adaptable systems offer maximum automation and process management for even the largest warehouse environments. We will build and implement an architecture that is simple and robust, regardless of whether you are looking for mobility and materials management or a grand-scale warehouse management suite.

At Tek-Data Solutions, our warehouse management application services teams work with you to achieve key performance indicators (KPI) you set:

  • Increased yard management capability
  • Better control and visibility into workloads
  • Optimized usage of space
  • Improved employee productivity Minimized Physical inventories
  • Reduced errors in picking/shipping
  • More accurate inventory counts
  • Fewer damaged goods Reduced paperwork
  • Increased ability to onboard technologies: voice picking, RFID, and other new technologies
  • Increased ability to meet complex fulfillment requirements
  • Prioritized warehouse activities for maximum customer service
  • Optimized Reporting Abilities
  • Better labor management capability
  • Improved EDI support

Because we focus on people, process, and technology, we can help our clients unlock the latent value of information and resources that are already in place, and enable processes to run at maximum efficiency. These key process indicators act as something far greater than operational goals--they become a customer-focused advantage in the competitive marketplace. Tek-Data Solutions Group’s integrated fulfillment system matrix helps guarantee that your customers receive the product(s) they asked for, on time and at the promised price, while increasing margins and efficiency throughout your fulfillment network.