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Monetizing Mobile Apps & User Generated Content (UGC)

Mobile is expected to be the leading communication channel for the advertisers and it is the hottest source of revenue for the content providers and operators. The tremendous reach, the advantage to categorize the audience and serve relevant ads, the ability to measure effectiveness are just a few of the advantages of this realm of advertising.

Monetization Service for User Generated Content (UGC)

Considering the rapid advances of electronic commerce and different kinds of user-generated content (UGC), for generating new revenue streams out of the mobile based advertising and marketing business, a deeper knowledge with potential for monetizing of mobile applications and user generated content (UGC) is required. Be it mobile apps or user generated contents like photos, graphics, ring tones, videos, podcast and various kinds of multi-media content, Tek-Data can help you achieve higher revenue and manage the cost that you spend for developing the Apps or UGC.

Monetization of Mobile Applications

People pay for unique content that is easily accessible. Using device APIs and Deviceatlas, it is possible to customize content according to handsets. Launching as a free application that charges for premium content via in-app Advertising, Premium SMS, WAP Billing, and Credit Card & PayPal is an option. Remember app stores like Apple charge 30% revenue share for paid applications. Sweepstakes/Subscriptions generally work better than a-la-carte access. In-app CC billing requires PCI compliance. Consult MMA guidelines for premium applications.

Tek-Data's experienced experts can help you in choosing the right provider or Ad network, identifying the most critical part of App Monetization, Identifying your App placeholders and tracking your App usage.

Innovative services by highly experienced team. At Tek-Data, our highly experienced senior management team drawing mobile experience from AT&T/Lucent, LogicaCMG, Airtel, Sony BMG, IBM, will give you the innovative service consultation and help for your product and services. Our clients include content providers, media giants, carriers & many small businesses.

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