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Order Fulfilment

Filling orders over the phone requires a significant amount of overhead. Managing your labour expenses with unpredictable call volume is a daunting task which gets complicated exponentially if 24 hour service is necessary or desired.

Tek-Data's customizable Order Fulfilment Services are dedicated to providing the latest order taking call center solutions to our clients. Tek-Data's intelligent customer care solutions transform and enhance the back-end fulfilment process for better working capital efficiency and enhanced compliance and control. Our operators are available to take orders for your products 24/7. These orders can be placed on your own website or delivered in customized reports from our own order taking system.

Benefits for the client

Tek-Data's Order fulfilment services offer increase in revenues for the client as a result of lower cost per order with better order analytics, greater process control and consistent follow-ups. Tek-Data's experienced agents will close the order process quickly by reducing the turnaround time. Clients can experience a quick order cycle time due to seamless back-end integration.

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