Chat/Web Self Services

Reach out to your customers. Announce your new product release.

Responding to the customer queries in real time reply is the advantage of chat service while the customer is navigating through your website. Live online chat is becoming one of the preferred modes for addressing queries from the customers who visit the client website. It provides more personal interaction due to its advantage of real-time component. Tek-Data's customer service expert can handle multiple chats at a time which will create additional cost savings for clients through improved utilization. Our chat/web support team experts utilize technology that automates responses and make sure of the accuracy of the response.

Our chat/web self service is designed with the ability to proactively initiate chats, push surveys, co-browse, and also capable of providing an opportunity to increase online sales through real-time up-sell and cross-sell, etc. Tek-Data's chat service professional undergoes thorough training and close monitoring of the chat services for maintaining high preference of the brand loyalty and communication skills. Our online chat services are available 24x7 which will ensure no more lost sales, no more busy signals or on hold delays, no more wastage of investment for telecom equipment and facility, etc.

Tek-Data recommends online chat/web services as a viable contact channel for Customer care, Technical support, Inbound order taking and Help desk. Learn how Tek-Data's Chat/Web Support Service can meet your business needs. Contact us today to know more about our services.

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