Pre/Post Sales Support

Pre sale helps the foundation of what you are selling to your customer and the post sale determines the effectiveness of the product. At Tek-Data, we support our client's requirements in both of these processes. Our team will analyse and understand client's requirements and creates strategic plan to bring effective results to their business.

Tek-Data have witnessed significant increase in customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Our Pre-sales services include:

  • Market Research & Survey support
  • Lead Management
  • Enquiry handling Support
  • Appointment handling
  • Knowledge support
  • FAQ support

Our Post-Sales services include:

  • FAQ Support
  • Trouble Shooting Support (for hardware and software)
  • Complaint Handling
  • Claim processing

Our Business Tek-Data Services

Covid Clear

We’ve developed a comprehensive solution that can facilitate COVID-19

Business Process Outsourcing

Tek-Data makes Business Process Outsourcing totally hassle-free

Call Center Services

Tek-Data's call center representatives address and solve customer

Cloud Services

Tek-Data is a Google Authorized Reseller for Google Apps.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile technologies are changing at an increasing pace and

Social Networks Moderation

Social Networks – Moderation allows administrators and moderators

Software Development

Tek-Data understands the spectrum of business related IT issues.

Staffing Solutions

Tek-Data is headquartered in the USA and is a leader in the services

Sterling Commerce

Our expertise with order capture systems can help streamline your sales

Data Center Management Data Management