E-mail is considered as one of the lower-cost, non intrusive, any time-anywhere access support model for the clients. Efficient e-mail response services have significant advantage for a company's growth and brand building. Responding to inquiries using email gives more time for customer care representative to analyse the issues to give the accurate answers. Also it helps in utilizing pre-written answers for addressing common issue which will help customer care executive to answer more customer inquiries in less time, maintaining consistencies across the services, helps to balance work between peak and off-peak periods.

Tek-Data provides automated e-mail delivery system to customized e-mail response. Our e-mail support service will help you by ensuring lower call volumes and substantially reduces costs for voice support. Tek-Data recommends e-mail as a viable contact channel for Customer care, Technical support, Inbound order taking and Help desk.

Our e-mail service will benefit you by an increase in customer retention and loyalty. Tek-Data's email/chat support will maximize the customer lifetime value and leverage up-sell, cross-sell opportunities.

Learn how Tek-Data's Customer Support Services can meet your business needs. Contact us today to know more about our BPO services.

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