Data Scanning Services

Document scanning helps companies to get rid of the bulky paper documents and save a lot of space. It also allows easy maintenance and retrieval of paper documents. Tek-Data provides quick turnaround time and high quality delivery using its state-of-the-art scanning and documentation facility with highly trained workforce. Tek-Data's Document Scanning process includes three main stages with document organization, Scanning and re-organization. We use CCD technology and Flatbed scanners with automatic document feeder setup as well as high speed OCR/ICR mode of scanning. The entire process will be monitored by Tek-Data's highly qualified scanning technicians.

Some of the documents which our scanning team handles include Delivery receipts, Payment records, Company accounts, Technical Instruction manuals, Legal case files, Graphic images, Hand written notes, etc. Some of the highlights of Tek-Data's Document scanning Service are of the following;

  • Well equipped scanning facility with latest model scanners
  • High security for your sensitive business data
  • High savings for your non-core business process
  • Convert scanned documents to different format including image only PDF format
  • Customised pricing based on scanning requirements
  • 24x7 Customer support and assistance

Contact us today for your data scanning requirements or to know more about our specific data scanning services.

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