The core of any high performing organization is its people. At Tek-Data, we recognize that our future will be molded by our people. We strive to create an empowered environment in which teamwork thrives, and in which our people are free to innovate and collaborate.

Tek-Data Group's management team is determined to be the best at doing what matters most. We believe in setting the highest standards possible for our products, services and work. We are all leaders in our areas of responsibility, and have a deep commitment to delivering results in our domains. We continually develop capabilities, eliminate organisational barriers and deliver on our leadership strategies.

Our leadership executive team brings in rich diverse experience across various functions like operations, engineering, IT, healthcare, finance, sales and marketing. The management team has previous work-experience spanning the top companies including AT&T/Lucent, LogicaCMG, Airtel, Sony BMG, and IBM.

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