Customer Support

Cost Effective Customer Satisfaction

Customer Care is one of the prime considerations for every business. Keeping the customers happy will enhance your sales and profitability. In the fast paced customer service industry, the customers want a quick turnaround in problem solving and an enhanced support experience. Keeping this, you need to provide support through individually preferred modes of communication.

At Tek-Data, through professionalism, friendliness and expertise of our employees, we are able to enhance the customer experience from first contact to final resolution. Our ISO Certified state-of-art contact centers at India, USA and Europe are equipped with a wide range of contact center technologies which includes client/media interactions, data management and analysis, infrastructure and security, automated solutions-IVR and automated handling of emails. We will deploy the optimal mix of all these advantages to meet the performance objectives.

Efficient and Productive Customer Experiences

Effective Inbound Voice Support

Our call center representatives address and solve customer experience issues on a quick basis and also provide opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling which helps the client in increase revenue. They are trained to provide the best customer care experience and have access to an extensive knowledge base to ensure an enhanced customer experience.

Benefits for the client:

We have superior process automation tools for better monitoring and quality consistency. Internationally certified data security and client management norms are an added advantage for us. Our inbound call services include simple product support to advanced call to sales conversion and technical training.

Effective Outbound Voice Support

Tek-Data's Outbound Voice Support provides clients with different integrated solutions for each key customer management phase. Throughout the process, our trained call center representatives will engage with the customer from first contact to post-sale support. Let us serve your business with effective, productive and pleasant experience to every customer.

Benefits for the client:

With Tek-Data's Outbound Voice support, you can achieve big savings for your outbound operations. We have superior process automation tools for better monitoring and consistent high quality. Internationally certified data security and client management norms are an added advantage for us. Our outbound call services include simple appointment scheduling to complex product, sales and technical training.

Email/Chat Support

The Email and Chat Support experts from Tek-Data benefit its clients by providing efficient and cost effective solutions to their problems. These cost-effective solutions are specially designed for the client's organizational requirements and are an effective, comprehensive alternative to in-house contact center solutions. Our trained agents examine the messages that customers have written and then act on them to determine a clear and accurate resolution. Our teams personalize their responses according to the various levels of requests.

Chat is an increasingly important channel for customer support. Our people leverage, when appropriate, scripts that speed the conversation and increase the number of chats that can be handled by a single agent.

Benefits for client:

Clients will benefit by an increase in customer retention and loyalty. Tek-Data's email/chat support will maximize the customer lifetime value and leverage upsell, cross-sell opportunities.

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