Why Tek-Data?

Excellence via Quality, Innovation and Savings

Tek-Data is a leader in Offshore and Onshore Staffing & Software Development Outsourcing. We are known for our Consulting-led Approach to Deliver Business Solutions. Our go-to-market and project execution approach has significant depth in terms of the domain expertise. We understand our customers’ business value chain, inherent dynamics and the business barometer. This enables us to partner with our customers and provide them end-to-end business solutions powered by the software technologies, which also helps them improve the business processes.

Our global delivery centers in India, USA & Europe are committed to very High Quality at very Low Prices. We provide flat rate all inclusive low pricing model with cost savings of 30-60%. We 10+ years of experience, we are serving clients of various sizes in many industries including Fortune 500 companies. As a leader in relationship management, Tek-Data provides solutions that optimize the everyday interactions between customers and companies. Managing these relationships, fostering improvement and adding value to them is how we enable organizations worldwide to improve their business performance.

We provide solutions that are secure, efficient, reliable, and scalable to help companies compete in the global marketplace. Tek-Data is a company with a worldwide viewpoint, a highly regarded and experienced management team and a deep-rooted work ethic.

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