Why Tek-Data BPO?

To succeed in the competitive high tech industry, companies must address the challenges of increasing globalization, accelerating product innovation, and rising revenue and margin pressures.

Tek-Data's approach helps you respond rapidly and intuitively to changing market conditions and demands. With Tek-Data at your side, your business will gain the freedom to overcome constraints, seize opportunities and realize its potential. Our ways to achieve these objectives are defined below.

Channels & Languages

Multilingual agents handle 24x7x365 operation and speak ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH and many other languages. Live Person, Voice, Live Chat, E-Mail, Toll free IVR- We provide all channels of communication with end users. We can handle from 10 to 1000 seats of inbound or outbound traffic.

Cost Savings

We provide low flat rate "all inclusive" pricing that saves 30-60% without compromising quality. In addition, you also save on payroll, insurance, tax etc. Unlike other providers, we include FREE IVR usage, Escalation Supervisors, QA & Customized BI Reporting!

High Quality

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and are recommended for ISO:27001 certification for Information Security. Our employees go through a mandatory 40 hours a year training and we hire non billable Quality Assurance staff for random QA checks for continuous monitoring.


With 10+ years experience, we are a very large player in the contact center, customer care and BPO space and serve customers of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies like Mobile Carriers, Content Providers, Entertainment & TV Sales, Social Networks, Financial & Healthcare Institutions etc. and many small businesses. For us no project is too small.


We are proud of one of the fastest executions in the industry. We guarantee a hassle free transition and take care of everything so that the process is smooth for you.


From physical security to no sharing of agents between clients (unless you request it), we ensure your data and information is protected. We can also isolate agents based on customer's needs. 128 bit SSL security for file systems and a clean workspace is standard procedure for Tek-Data.

Technical Knowledge & Operations

ur operations run 24x7x365 so we can provide coverage for any time zone. We provide technical support capability agents that are well versed in technology, computer science and mobile handsets. Our centers are equipped with state of the art Cisco communications tools and hardware, Consorto dialer (best in the industry) and proud to have CSAT (customer satisfaction) score of 97 out of 100.


Centers located globally in India, USA, Europe & East Asia ensure that the operations keep on running smoothly. We provide geographical redundancy and recovery procedures.

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