Our Methodology

Tek-Data's Six Phase Methodology (SPM) is clear, measurable, and dependable. This insures successful solutions development, quality, cost effectiveness, and rapid delivery.

Phase I - Initiate: Tek-Data will assess the business, needs, and objectives by conducting extensive interviews and discussions. Our team will examine the operating and technical environments, establish project's scope, budget, and create a work plan.

Phase II - Conceive: Tek-Data's team will define the project objectives by specifying and documenting the functional, technical, and creative requirements involved. The appropriate technologies, tools, and platform will then be selected and are specific to each client.

Phase III - Develop: The team will construct the technology architecture based on information, interaction, and interface issues. The prototype must pass through vigorous testing and quality assurance before its launch. A working prototype is then ready for usability, review, and delivery.

Phase IV - Refine: At this stage, the design is refined and new increments may be added based upon any changes or new developments.

Phase V - Launch: Tek-Data's team will install the final product by integrating and customizing the required Internet Application.

Phase VI - Maintain: Tek-Data's team will monitor and analyze performance over a specified period of time. After written Project documentation, client will be advised about how best to approach the next generation of development and train his staff to ensure seamless integration of the new solution into development environment.

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