Data Conversion Services

Data conversion service by Tek-Data provides a vast opportunity for clients in using their intelligent business data for different media platforms. This will add higher values for their businesses. Tek-Data helps its clients by using its multilevel support services in data conversion as an added advantage. Tek-Data provides data conversion services between different media formats ranges from PDF, XML, HTML, JPEG, Document format and Rich text format etc. Our data conversion service covers a wide range of electronic and print media including periodicals, reports, journals, catalogues and financial statements into richly editable information format.

Tek-Data provides the following wide range of data conversion services:

  • File conversion services
  • Document conversion services
  • Document digitizing services
  • Data conversion services
  • Electronic data conversion services
  • PDF conversion services
  • XML conversion services
  • Book conversion services
  • Word formatting services
  • HTML conversion services

Tek-Data follows strict and rule based method for data conversion process. The clients provide documents for data conversion via FTP, paper, CD's and DVDs, or any other electronic formats which is reviewed by Tek-Data's Data conversion experts and prepares sample for clients approval. On receipt of feedback the project will be assigned to Tek-Data's document conversion team which is followed by production process and after subsequent stages of Quality check (QC Check) and Proof reading, completed project will be delivered to client according to their specification and time schedule.

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