Diversity & Inclusion

We are implementing a Diversity Program to enforce Tek-Data's commitment to Diversity, by ensuring that minority and women owned enterprises (MWBEs) are included in our procurement process. Our initiative performs a key role by providing supplier diversity outreach programs.

The program brings together individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles providing remarkably different talents, perspectives, and life and career experiences. That's why, in our increasingly interconnected world, it is only appropriate that we celebrate everyone's uniqueness, every day. The idea is to create a winning culture where colleagues and managers of others demonstrate sincere care for each other, extending a personal touch to each individual, and genuinely getting to know each other. Everyone's full engagement is expected to ensure that Tek-Data delivers on our mission in every part of our business.

Diversity & Inclusion is a sustained competitive advantage for the continued growth of Tek-Data. It is implicit in the company's purpose and values and explicit in the company's business strategy for success. It enables Tek-Data to be the "employer of choice" that hires, engages, and retains the best talent from around the world, reflecting the markets and consumers we serve.

Tek-Data is a community of diverse, talented people who are integral to our company's success. To win, we must value, respect, and include the people that make Tek-Data business possible.

To be a part of our Diversity Program, please register with Tek-Data.

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