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Certify Covid Clear

We’ve developed a comprehensive solution that can facilitate COVID-19 testing, and provide a digital ecosystem that can track, monitor and display these confidential, real-time test results to your company’s HR team within your own secure portal.

Certify Covid Clear uses Tek Data digital platform and real-time integration with labs and other partners, as an end-to-end solution for employers to provide COVID-19 testing and monitoring for their employees, to inform their return to work strategy and adhere to state and federal COVID-19 guidelines.

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How Does the Platform Work?

We input employee data into our secure portal (after receiving employee consent) to keep track of the testing workflow. All of the data is confidential. The user-friendly portal allows company leadership to view employees’ testing status, see who has been cleared to return to work, who has results pending and the specific tests results requested by the employer.

What Are the Test Options?

Companies can tailor the product based on their unique workplace needs, but – in partnership with vendors – we offer an antibody (or serology) test, a COVID-19 molecular (or RT-PCR) test, telehealth or onsite testing support, and the option for companies to retest employees at a regular cadence as needed. It’s entirely up to companies as far as which tests they select and how often employees are tested.

How Is Your Data Protected?

We take data and privacy matters seriously. The data is stored on a secure AWS server based in the United States. Tek-Data is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. We’re also ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

What we offer?

  • Rapid, large-Scale COVID-19 testing
  • Fully outsourced logistics
  • Real-time test results reporting and management
  • Ongoing employee monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Covid Clear Work?

We work with your company to design and implement the return to work strategy that meets your needs. The process involves enrolling your employees on our platform; sending employees COVID-19 test kits*^; scheduling telehealth appointments or setting up on site testing with licensed professionals; providing prepaid shipping to send test samples back to our lab partners and maintaining our real-time dashboard of test information. Test interpretation is subject to the performance characteristics of the diagnostic tests currently available.

Based on the employers’ requirements, there are options to test for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies with serology tests and/or test for the presence of the active virus with molecular RT-PCR tests*. It’s also important to note that in this uncertain time, where COVID-19 guidelines change frequently, we can update our platform and algorithms to reflect the latest guidance and requirements from state and federal regulators. TEK-DATA makes no independent judgement about which individuals are fit to return to work. The Covid Clear service is a real-time information and workflow management platform that integrates the inputs required to help inform a company’s end to end return to work strategy in keeping with State and Federal COVID-19 guidelines.

What Happpens after the employee goes through this test process?

The employee will be notified about their test status as determined by either a company or via our system, depending on the company’s preferences. All test results are confidential, and all employees must consent to participate. When an employee moves into the “clear” category – based both on criteria pre-determined by their employer and based on CDC and other public health guidance – they are eligible to receive a Covid Clear certificate. The Covid Clear certificate is a digital certificate which indicates employees have met their employer’s criteria to return to the workplace. If an employee isn’t in the “clear” category, their employer will notify the employee of next steps based on the employer’s return to work plan. Employers can extend the testing cycle and retest their employees at regular intervals if this step is necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy. We can also apply a calendar/clock-based system to see where employees are at in the time variable of being able to return to work, based on recommended guidelines. The company testing process is entirely configurable based on the unique needs of employers.

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What happens if an employee tests negative for the virus and returns to work, but then becomes infected and becomes a carrier of COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new virus, so we’re learning about the science of the virus as we fight it in real time around the world. We have designed this product based on the current scientific literature and in line with the current public health guidance, but we acknowledge that both are changing frequently as we learn more. Part of the value of our platform is that we can make updates to our algorithms very quickly to reflect changing guidance and new developments from the scientific community.

We have the opportunity to provide real-time, meaningful data to employers to inform their planning where otherwise there would be none. TEK-DATA makes no independent judgement about which individuals are fit to return to work, medical recommendations or claims about the level of protection employees who test negative for the virus can expect aside from sharing the current scientific literature and the details regarding the sensitivity and specificity of the tests currently available.

What happens if the lab reports the wrong results to your dashboard?

This is the same type of risk encountered when any lab work is done. We make sure to partner with established, quality vendors that have safety and quality assurance systems in place. We rely on their years of experience to minimize these sorts of errors taking place.

How do you vet the test kits?

We balance both cost and quality in our evaluation of test kit manufacturers to ensure customers get a high-quality kit* at a good price. When looking at quality, we have minimum thresholds for sensitivity and specificity for the IgM/IgG antibody tests. We also look at when and where studies were conducted; study sample size; and whether any academic institutions or other medical experts have endorsed the test. For the RT-PCR tests, we only use tests from a CLIA-certified lab with documentation of validation.

* COVID-19 antibody serology and active virus molecular RT-PCR test kits are subject to supply and availability.

* TEK-DATA has established a vetting process for test kit suppliers and lab partners to ensure we’re providing our customers the highest quality tests available. Customers must be aware of the limitations of each test they select as part of our program as all tests have different performance characteristics which can leave room for error. As newer and more advanced technologies are made available, we will incorporate these into the existing packaged solutions.